1. emtpy pizza box, mini disco ball, pink flamingo

  2. i’ve always thought that melbourne’s laneways could do with more palm trees. 

  3. clifton hill burbia

  4. i found the le bon ton order form on the ground right out the front of the dim sim factory in clifton hill. 

  5. i got so excited that a woman in a yellow coat was about to walk past this yellow wall that i didn’t even notice her bag/ciggie. I am so happy. 

  6. hot buy

  7. cat

  8. rock beach

  9. Sophie and i lived in Berlin together once and it was awesome even though we shared a shitty bed that broke in the middle of the night. Happy Birthday Sophie. 

  11. collingwood 

  12. tail

  13. hard rubbish dump

  14. Clifton Hill

  15. waiting at airports and stuff